What documents need to be submitted to apply for a home loan?

Kolkata: Many people want to create a house Who else would like a house to be rented? All the money had to go out of the wallet immediately before buying a house. As a consequence, they will do more to raise funds. But things have changed in recent years.

Now much of a house or apartment price is offered as a loan. In addition, if you take out a home loan, you will be eligible for a tax break.In consequence, the loan payment (EMI) is more lucrative, rather than the monthly rent. It is increasingly tempting for many to take up a loan rather than buy a house with the full money.

That’s correct. A lot of people are requesting a home loan from a bank or financial institution from a cell phone message box. That’s right. In the end, despite so many demands, it is not easy to get a loan. The creditor wants to see if the individual will repay the loan at all. Staff, particularly government employees, are best placed to receive loans. Over: blank.

But this doesn’t mean that if you gain income from a company or other means, you can not get a loan. You may also get a home credit In order to obtain a loan, the terms of the bank or financial institution must be understood. You need to know which documents are required to apply for a home loan.

Slip for salary

Form 18 for the last 3 months

3 years last Six-month bank statement

Investment information: life insurance, fixed deposit etc.

Card/Card/Aadhar Card/Aadhar


Bill for electricity/telephone

You must apply if you are a trader:

Tax on revenue

Income Tax Expenditure Over the last three years

Bank statement Six Months of Savings

Information about investment

Aadhaar Card/Passport/Voter Card/


Bill for electricity/telephone.

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