English Story

Story – Empty Sky

By Rafael Rob

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 1
By Rafael Rob

Mr. Raihan got fifteen days leave from office. So he decided to come back from Sylhet with his family.

And without wasting time, he immediately telephoned home from the office and informed that he would leave for Sylhet by train at ten o’clock tonight. Everyone at home should be ready soon.

Meanwhile, Mr. Raihan’s wife Shahna Begum got a telephone call and became overjoyed. Today we are all together ……!

Night came from the drawing room and stared at her mother’s face in amazement for a while.

Then he removed his eyes and looked around and said softly – what happened mother, why are you laughing alone like this?

Nothing can be heard in the sound of the train. So without understanding the night, Shahana Begum got annoyed and said, “Tell me again what you are saying.” Nothing is understood in the sound of the train.

This time he said loudly at night – why are you laughing alone?

– Say it again. I don’t understand what you are saying in the sound of the train. How many times have I told your father to change the house.

And the tingling sound of the train is not tolerated. Sounds unbearable. No, your father said that the house cannot be changed in any way. There are many facilities from this home.

Especially the convenience of travel is the best of all. What is the benefit? Do you like the tingling sound of the train from the side of Kamalapur station?

Thanks For Reading.

Next Part Come Soon.

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