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Story – Empty Sky (Part – 2)

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 2
By Rafael Rob

Shahna Begum was annoyed at night in her van and went back to the drawing room without saying a word.

Seeing this, Shahana Begum came to the drawing room at the back of the night and said, “Why did you leave again?”

What will I do from standing there.

The way you start, the mouth is no longer closed, the train is running.

– I don’t understand why I’m doing that now. When a danger comes to mind, I will understand why I am doing this.

– What are you talking about! Why would we be in danger? We don’t even give to anyone.

– That’s right. But danger does not tell anyone to come.

This area is not good. This is the hangout of all the bad boys in the area. You are slowly growing up. So here I am with you.

-Far! Exclude all these bad thoughts. That’s nothing. Fear of the fox will not give the chicken baga? We are not alone here, there are more people. And besides, to this day I have never seen a boy tickle a girl. And you say …….!

Let’s get rid of these bad thoughts now. Tell me why you called me now.

Shahana Begum was stunned to hear about the night. Seeing his appearance, it is understood that he was dissatisfied with the words of the night. This time he let out a big sigh and said seriously – you are not ready yet. Today we are all going to Sylhet by train at ten o’clock at night.

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