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Story – Empty Sky (Part-3)

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 3
By Rafael Rob

– What do you say mother? We are all going to Sylhet together!

Hurry said happily and jumped up and hugged his mother at night.

Shahana Begum was annoyed to see her daughter’s condition and said, “Did I start?” Get ready for that soon.

If your father comes from the office and sees that you are not ready yet. Then Tulkalam will sit on the trunk.

It can be seen that going to Sylhet has stopped. You’re going to your uncle’s house after about four years. Your father is no more. Going to your uncle’s house is all my luck.

Let it be now that his time has come. Don’t go for less that your full potential. Who knows how my mother is, how many years later I will see my mother.

The night became annoying at times on the mother.

As soon as a word can be uttered, it does not stop, it keeps moving like a train, it does not stop easily anymore. So ‘O’ came out from in front of his mother with his hand in his ear.

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