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Story – Empty Sky (Part-4)

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 4
By Rafael Rob

Mr. Raihan came out of the office and bought some things first. Then he came and bought four train tickets. He reached home at around 8 pm.

When he reached, he saw that the boys and girls were ready. But Shahana Begum is not ready yet. Seeing that, he did not say anything at first.

Shahana looked at Begum for a while. Then he removed his eyes and came from there, took off his shirt and pants and entered the bathroom.

Shahana Begum Raiha Saheb could not understand the look on her face. Soon he was ready to go.

Suddenly there was a knock on the drawing room door.

Mr. Raihan said from the bathroom – who came to see this night? Open the door.

– After sitting at night, he came in front of the door and said – Who?

– After asking a few times, the answer came from outside – I am white. Open the door.

At night he opened the door and sat on the sofaset again, staring at the TV. Meanwhile, in the white room, Thomke stood with one foot and stared at the night.

The night wore light yellow threepitch. She has light make-up on her face and is wearing a red tip with light. ‘O’ is so clear. Wearing a yellow dress is mixed with Guy. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

“Why do you look so beautiful tonight? Why did you dress so beautifully? I am very scared to see your outfit.

If anyone snatches you away from me this white night. ”

Thanks For Reading.
Next Part Come Soon.

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