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Story – Empty Sky (Part-5)

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 5
By Rafael Rob

Mr. Raihan came out of the bathroom and came to the drawing room, saw Shuvro, smiled and said: How are you, father?

Seeing Mr. Shuvro Raihan, he got up from his seat and greeted him and said, “I am fine, uncle.” How are you

Good. Was everyone in your house well?

– Yes, there is. Uncle, but mother is a little sick

– What happened to the future again!

– No, nothing like that happened. The previous headache has increased a little.

– Didn’t see a doctor!

-Yes, Dad took it to the doctor a few times. It stays good for a few days after taking the medicine and then it reappears.

– And don’t say that. I also suffer a lot from pressure. Saying this, Mr. Raihan looked at his watch and saw that it was half past nine. Seeing that, he became restless and said, “Koigo, are you ready?” Meanwhile it was time for the car.

From inside, Shahana Begum stopped the clip in her hair and said – Yes, we are ready. You get ready.

I have nothing to be ready for. I will only wear shirt and pants. Then he addressed Shuvro and said, “Father, you will do something.”

Shuvro Raihan showed interest in the words and said – tell me what to do uncle

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