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Story – Empty Sky (Part – 7)

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 7
By Rafael Rob

Woke up at night. Shuvro lost his way and looked at the night. Then he looked away and said – no uncle, you don’t need an umbrella.

He opened the door and left in the rain.

Mr. Raihan shook his head at Shuvro’s madness and said, “The boy is really crazy.”

He came at night with the umbrella and said – who is the crazy father?

– And don’t say, I’m talking about white. I told the boy again and again to go in the rain, it will get cold, take the umbrella. Whoever heard the words ran away soaking wet in the rain.

—Actually Dad, ‘O’ is a madman. He will do whatever he is told to do without any hesitation.

There is no word in his mouth. I have never seen such a madman.

—Yes, mother yes. ‘O’ is really crazy. Or see how everyone is working without hesitation. Honestly, ‘O’ is really a good boy.

Shahana Begum came to the drawing room ready. Mr. Raihan Raihan himself fixed the rickshaw himself.

—Yes, yes I am getting ready too. He went to the inner room. Now everyone is ready and waiting for the rickshaw.

The rain has stopped. Shuvro is not coming with the rickshaw anymore. It sounds like quarter to ten.

Mr. Raihan is seriously walking in this room and says that the boy has no name to come for the rickshaw he went for. What is he doing? It’s time for the train.

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