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Story – Empty Sky (Part-8)

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 8
By Rafael Rob

After a long time, Mr. Raihan himself fixed the rickshaw and left the house after locking it.

Shuvro had heard in someone’s mouth a few days ago that Sylhet would take him to his uncle’s house at night and marry him. The laughter has blown away.

But today he saw with his own eyes that his mother and father were leaving for Sylhet at night. After seeing it, he knew that the soil of his feet was moving.

At that moment, he could not think what to do. I couldn’t even ask why he was taking me to Sylhet at night. Can’t get married at night. The night that I just can’t be my ‘O’ to anyone else.

He was born just for me. You can’t marry my night anywhere else. Because I will not live without night. If I don’t get night, I will die. But Shuvro could not say anything at all.
The words of the mind remained in my mind. At last, suppressing the sadness of his mind, he lowered his head and went out in the pouring rain.

He wandered the streets like crazy till midnight. After that, he returned home with wet clothes. Without saying a word to anyone, he entered his room, turned on the lights, and went to bed in a dark room with wet clothes, tears welling up in his eyes.

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