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Story – Empty Sky (Part-10)

ÐStory – Empty Sky
Part – 10
By Rafael Rob

Shuvro heard her mother’s words and her chest began to break even more. He can’t control himself in any way.

The water began to flow louder with both eyes. “In my difficult time, my pregnant mother Mao is not hesitating to sprinkle salt on my thorns. Alas my life! Why am I still alive. God save me from all the pain. She couldn’t even tell when she fell asleep crying thinking about these.

The next day at ten o’clock in the morning Shuvro did not get out of bed.

Seeing that Saira Begum did not get up, she went to her room and saw that she was lying with a white kantha wrapped around her. Seeing the boy in this condition, he twisted his chest.

He quickly leaned in front of his head and removed the kantha from his head and saw that Shuvro’s body was burning with fever. Looking at the eyes, the eyes are red like blood. Having trouble breathing. Soon he lost his way and started pouring water on his head.

Still, the head is cold! The fever is not going down.

He quickly brought the medicine to the doctor saying everything details.

The fever does not go away even after taking the medicine. After three days, he had to be admitted to the hospital to reduce his fever.

The doctor examined him and said that he had pneumonia. Slowly fertilize.

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