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Story – Empty Sky (Part-11)

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 11
By Rafael Rob

Shuvro’s father Ekhlas Saheb admitted Shuvro to the hospital and started harassing him. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

I am overwhelmed by his burning pain. How much money will I have again? I am struggling to run this family. I can’t stand these problems inside him anymore.

Saira Begum said in fear, “If the disease is cured, it is not necessary to send it to the nephew.” ‘O’ is afraid of the nephew. If you have a nephew, that’s fine

Tell me all that. How many days will the nephew feed this unemployed boy! He has a family.

Vaijan said in the last letter that ‘O’ can give him work as soon as he goes.

There will be no difficulty for work. If only I could send him.

– I used him a few times myself. That naughty boy of yours could not do anything. And now you say it will work there.

If you fall on your neck, you will do well. Where not. You have to run your own stomach.

Mr. Ekhlas was silent for a while and wondered. Then he said, do what you understand best. But do that with a lot of thought. Even if I go there, don’t ruin the rest of my honor. Well, who will be in the hospital now?

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