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Story – Empty Sky (Part-12)

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 12
By Rafael Rob

He said that there will be Tauhid.

The boy has been working hard all day, will it be okay to stay up at night in the hospital?

– Then tell me who else will be there.

– That’s right.

াহThen I get up now, Tauhid will come. I fed him and sent him to the babysitter. Saying this, Saira Begum got up from in front of Mr. Ekhlas.

Mr. Ekhlas’s country home is on the west side of Chittagong Dhumghat Bazar. He worked in Dhaka Kamalapur Railway. He lives with his family in Dhaka Kamalapur. There is a fair amount of land in the country.

They have come to the farmers of those villages with barga. Some money comes from there, and with the money from the job, he runs the family and keeps some of it in the bank for the future. But he married two daughters together two months ago.

I have also borrowed some money to get married. So his tension has increased a little.

He has three daughters and two sons. The first son is Tauhid. Tauhid passed B.Com and got a job in a private company. He brings all the salary he gets there to his mother.

Then two daughters Meem and Tanjila. The two got married together last year. He got married to both of them two months ago. Then the boy is white. Shuvro passed HSC last year and did not read or write. For this he was punished a lot. Still did not read or write.

Mete stays with friends all day long. No work, then everyone’s youngest daughter Rita falls in class nine. And his wife Saira Begum is busy with household chores. With this his family.

If caught, there is no problem in his family. Just as much trouble with Shuvro. Survive only if he can fix the boy. When will Shuvro be right? Waiting for him to breathe a sigh of relief.

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