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Story – Empty Sky(Part-13)

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 13
By Rafael Rob

Mr. Raihan’s country home is in Chandpur Purulia. He does not live in a country house. He lives in Kamalapur with his family.

He worked in Bangladesh Railway. He has one daughter and one son. Eldest daughter Israt Jahan (night) is a class ten student at Kamalapur Girls School. And son Ronnie is a class six student of Kamalapur Boys School.

And wife Shahana Begum is busy with her two sons and daughter. With the salary he gets from the job, he leaves the family in a beautiful way.

However, he gets less leave from office. So you can’t get out despite wanting to. This time, as soon as he got the leave, he returned from Sylhet with his father-in-law.

Shahana Begum came from Sylhet and it seems that her work has increased. There is no end to the work. The night doesn’t do a thing. Shahana Begum told him – do not go to school today, do a little work with me. No it won’t. ‘O’ must go to school.

Doesn’t go to school for many days. Shahana Begum did not speak anymore. Increased more unrest. So he became silent.

Mr. Raihan drove me to school at night to go to the office and told me to take a rickshaw home when the school holidays were over.

His mother will not come to pick him up today. ‘O’ entered the school without responding to his father’s words.

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