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Story – Empty Sky (Part-14)

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 14
By Rafael Rob

Sushmita, Ratri’s girlfriend, looked at Ratri and winked. At night Sushmita Isara understood and explained to him in Isara – I will leave the books in the class and then I will come.

Meanwhile, Sushmita moved away from her friends and stood on the right lawn waiting for the night.

After a while, Sushmita came out of the classroom at night and looked around.

Sushmita glanced at him, looked away again, looked at the front and said softly, “You’ve been spending so much time at your uncle’s house with joy and happiness.” Do you know what happened in the meantime?

Sushmita stared at her face in surprise at night. After looking at it like this for a while, he said softly – what happened?

– Can’t say here. The girls are coming. Let’s go somewhere.

“As far as I know, I have not done anything wrong.

Then why did Sushmita tell me anything like that. ” The night went on asking many questions in my mind. There is no answer to this. The throat is getting dry again and again. The body is trembling.

The two came and sat in the empty space in front. Sushmita was shocked to see the condition of Sushmita’s face at night. Then he let out a big sigh and said softly, “Do you have any relationship with Shuvro Bhai at night?”

The night breathed a sigh of relief. Then he wiped his face with a veil and said – no? Why would I have a relationship with him?

– If there is no relationship with you, then why does ‘O’ go to your house?

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