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Story – Empty Sky(Part-15)

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 15
By Rafael Rob

Many people have a question – can a husband and wife be reunited at the first meeting after marriage? There is no obstacle in Islam. Because through marriage they have both become halal for each other. However, since both are new, there may be inertia or hesitation between them. That is why both of them have to be normal through mutual loving communication.

So after performing the mentioned things, if they can be normal, then there is no problem in intercourse.

>> The prayer that is recited during intercourse During sunnatasabahas they will both recite this prayer for the welfare of both of them. So that there is an appeal to survive the attack of the devil. Then it is sunnat to recite this prayer. And then-Bismillahi Allahumma Jannibanash Shaitana Wa Jannibish Shaitana Ma Razakbatana. ‘(Bukhari, Muslim)

Meaning: I am starting in the name of Allah, O Allah! Protect both of us from Satan’s hand. If you give us a child, protect him from the hand of the devil. ‘

It is to be noted that in addition to these prayers, the newlyweds can open their minds and pray to the Almighty for the welfare and blessings of their married life. Both can pray together or separately.

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