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Story – Empty Sky (Part-16)

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 16
By Rafael Rob

Sushmita heard this bizarre thing and the oil glowed purple at night.

He wants to slap Sushmita on both soft cheeks. But after thinking about many things, he managed himself and said, “People go to people’s homes, there is no such thing as a relationship.”

– No, I’m not saying that. But ….

– But what again?

– No, he has nothing to do with you. But you left Sylhet that day and ‘O’ thought that Sylhet took you to get married.

So ‘O’ got wet in the rain all day and night and finally Becher got pneumonia. You guys are kind of crazy for you. Sometimes delirium is returning দিয়েছে my night has given way to marriage. I will not live without him.

Bring my night to me. Otherwise I will die.
I can’t recognize the boy when I see him. That’s how it dried up.

Listening to Sushmita, it seems that the night fell from the sky.

“I never looked into Shuvro’s eyes and never spoke. And Shuvro is going crazy with me, why is Shuvro lamenting about me. ”

This gula thought for a moment and let out a small sigh and said uneasily – then this is it. Believe me, I never had a good talk with him.

Stay with those things. ‘O’ comes to our house, talks to his parents and leaves again, that’s all.

And now what do these words mean? Well, where is ‘O’ now?

Thanks For Reading.
Next Part Come Soon.

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