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Story – Empty Sky(Part-17)

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 17
By Rafael Rob

The day after tomorrow he came from the hospital. Her parents are telling her a lot of gossip about this incident that the poor man’s body is not good, his mind is not good, his father and mother are gossiping inside him …..

Why did the boys do that? In fact, it is difficult to understand what happens when someone thinks. Don’t get me wrong again.

He said with a light smile on his face at night – now I will not misunderstand. At first I was very angry with you. But now there is no more anger.


Yes, really.

It’s time for class, Dad. Sushmita got up from her seat.

At the same time the night also got up from sitting.

How do I know he is feeling uneasy. Isn’t this an extra hassle? Away. There is no point in thinking about this. I have no hands here.

Why am I just feeling tension. These are not what I think. Thinking about this dirty thing will hurt my reading and writing.

I don’t want any damage to my reading and writing. And the white boy or how he thought I fell in love with a talented boy like him! In fact, ‘O’ is a Buddha.

How to think these thoughts if not Buddha. Thinking about all this, Sushmita entered the classroom at night.

Thanks For Reading.
Next Part Come Soon.

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