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Story – Empty Sky (Part – 18)

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 18
By Rafael Rob

White is completely healthy now. What if, his state of mind is not good. Everything seems dark to the side he looks at.

There is no touch of light anywhere. He keeps his head down and looks at her all the time and sheds tears.

His mother Saira Begum does not scold him much.

There are several reasons behind not doing so. ‘O’ is no longer out of the house. He stays in his room all the time.

Don’t talk to anyone like that. But as long as his father Ekhlas Sahib is at home, he continues to abuse him. Shuvro doesn’t answer any of them.

He has no choice but to shed tears silently. He is forced to endure all the irritating pain.

In the end, he decided that he would never be in this city again.

The man he had dreamed of for so long is no more today.

So what is the benefit from here? So he decided to say goodbye to this city and go somewhere else. At least no one else at home will be able to tell.

Our respect for you is being tarnished. You get out of the house. You have become a burden on our heads.

We don’t need a bad boy like you. Why can’t you die when so many people die.

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