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Story – Empty Sky (Part – 19)

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 19
By Rafael Rob

Let us die and live in at least a little peace. “I did not write death myself.

What would I do if I didn’t die? It is a great sin to commit suicide.

I can’t commit suicide for fear of that — that’s my biggest weakness. That’s why everyone tells me whatever they want.

Now that I am out of sight, no one can use me like this anymore. I’m leaving. I will leave and lighten the burden on everyone’s head, and I will never come back. ”

Thinking about these, Shuvro began to fill his handbags with a hand bag while shedding tears. At that time his mother came and said – What are you doing in the dark? I can only turn on the light.

At the sound of Shuvro’s mother’s voice, he pushed the hand bag under the bed with his feet, wiped his eyes and sat on the bed and said softly – I don’t like light so I am sitting in the dark.

Sitting alone in the dark in this way will make the body worse.

I can actually turn around from a little outside. Then at least the mind would be better.

Seeing the extra pity of Shuvro’s mother, he said in his mind, “I have come to know you too, mother Janani, what kind of pity you are showing.” Everyone knows me.

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