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Story – Empty Sky (Part – 22)

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 22
By Rafael Rob

Last night, Shuvro had brought the cloth bag from home to Kalam’s grocery store without anyone noticing. It’s four o’clock in the afternoon.

‘O’ came out of the house without telling anyone and came in front of Kalam’s grocery store.

Came and stood for a while. Then he looked around and said to Kalam quickly: Give me this bag quickly?

Without looking at Kalam Shuvro, he put the bag in Shuvro’s hand and said softly, “Where is Shuvro Bhai going?”

Shuvro pretended not to hear but got into an empty rickshaw and said to the driver – go to Kamalapur station.

Seven words and seven messages were sent to Chittagong. Suddenly he came to the station and changed his mind and decided to go to his friend Tapan. Tapan Sylhet Khulbi Bazar.

Once there, Tapan will be able to get any job done. Whether he can do something or not, he can run his stomach.

The bigger thing is that you will at least get rid of the burning pain of home. Thinking about this, he came and stood in front of the rickshaw station.

He got down from the white rickshaw, paid the fare to the driver, took the bag in his hand and went straight to the ticket counter.

Entered and bought a ticket to Sylhet. There are only five minutes left to leave the car.

‘O’ took the ticket without looking in any direction and hurried to the front of the car.

There is not much crowd in the car. There are a lot of gaps.

‘O’ jumped in the car, went a little ahead, matched the ticket number with the ticket number, put the bag on the seat and came back to the door.

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