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Story – Empty Sky (Part – 23)

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 23
By Rafael Rob

He came and stood in front of the door and looked at the front and said in his mind – I want to see you tonight.

Such is the mockery of my fate that I could no longer engage you in life. So I am leaving this city deprived of you and saying goodbye forever.

I wish you happiness. But I lost you forever from today. I don’t even know where my fate is taking me.

Believe me, I have endured all the burning pain for you so far.

Now that you are no more, then for whom do you put up with it? So leaving everything.

Thinking about all this, her chest throbbed and shattered and tears began to flow from her eyes. There is no way he can handle himself anymore.

Yet he has to be tough. There are many paths in front of him. So somehow he comforted himself and gave him a handkerchief.

Then he wiped his eyes and suddenly saw the eyes go to the left – night, with a notebook in his hand, looking around, looking forward.

Seeing the white night, he lost his way and jumped down from the car. “I’m not wrong! No, I’m not mistaken. Night is really coming.

So what happened at night? If you were married, how would you come? ” Looking ahead, Shuvro kept asking questions in his mind.

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