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Story – Empty Sky (Part – 25)

Story – Empty Sky

Part – 25

By Rafael Rob

Seeing the condition of Shuvro at night and hearing all these crazy words of his, I can’t find the language to answer.

“I will never accept Shuvro as my boyfriend. I don’t like him.

Its because ‘O’ is kind of hubble hubble. Inside, ‘O’ gets drunk with the talented boys in the mahalla.

I will never be able to relate to this scoundrel.

‘O’ has somehow become like a closed lunatic now.

What is the answer to this closed madman?

Hearing this from the white night, he snatched the words from his mouth, pulled his hair with both hands, left tears in his eyes and said in a trembling voice, “No, not at night, if I don’t get your love, I will die.” I will die if I don’t find you.

I have nothing to do even if you die. Get out of my way now. I have work to do.

– No, I will not leave your path. You come with me now You have to go with me.

– What are you saying! Why should i go with you Ratri said in surprise.

At that time the car gave a whistle. Feel free to leave. TT hoisted the blue flag.

The car slowly began to move forward. Seeing this, Shuvro lost his way, closed his eyes, grabbed one hand of the night, applied all the strength of his body and dragged him to the car.

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