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Story – Empty Sky (Part – 27)

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 27
By Rafael Rob

He softened like a white criminal and said softly – do whatever you want to me. Now please stop crying.

See what people around you think?

A man from the side heard all about Shuvro. Then he wondered, “Brother, why is he crying?”

I can’t think what to answer the white man’s words.

Remained silent for a while. The man was busy and asked again. Shuvro brought a short wit on his head and said, “Oh, my cousin.”

Their home is Sylhet. Came to visit our house.

Test ahead, now ‘O’ doesn’t want to go home, so he is being taken home by force, so he is crying.

Another man from the side, without finishing Shuvro’s whole speech, said in a joking tone with his right hand in the middle of the speech – you can say it with good intellect.

Why are you lying? Aren’t you forcibly picking him up?

Hearing the man’s words, Shuvro twisted his chest and got up.

“It simply came to our notice then. Then Saturn became the forehead. What happens now?

No, I have to be tough. Or I will be caught. Once caught, it is over. ”

Thinking about these, he controlled himself and said – what do you want to say?

Thanks For Reading.
Next Part Come Soon.

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