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Story – Empty Sky Part – 29

Story – Empty Sky
Part – 29
By Rafael Rob

The people present heard the news of the night and began to cut off one leg and two legs. White still fell down. The shirt was torn.

There is still blood oozing from the mouth. Ratri glanced at Shuvro and went in front of him and bent down and pulled him.

Then he pulled a corner of his shirt and wiped the blood from his face and said softly – what a man you are! Everyone is beating you like this, why don’t you answer it?

It does not happen if the body is thick. You also have to have courage. Could only force girls to bring cotton.

He did not say anything good or bad in the words of the white night. He kept his head down.

Seeing the touch and sincerity of the night, even though he was suffering so much, all became dust.

The more he watches the night, the more fascinated he is. What a wonderful way to screw people over.

There is no way without appreciating his intelligence. In fact, I can’t help but admire the girl’s intelligence.

Now people are nowhere near one. All the people moved away in fear.

Looking around at night, without looking at Shuvro, he became serious and said that he would stay here like this! Or sit in the seat?

Shuvro’s thoughts were shattered by the words of the night.

Then he looked at her and let out a big sigh of relief and walked towards the inside of the buggy.

Luckily there are many empty seats inside such a good bogie.

So Shuvro was at least free from a thought. Seats will be available for the night. He will not have any problem. As he walked, he came to the front of his seat.

He came and saw that all the seats besides his were empty and dark. That’s what he wanted in his mind.

Ratri followed Shuvro and sat in the seat in front of Shuvro.

He sat down and looked at the outside with one glance. Her head is spinning as soon as she thinks of home.

Shuvro sat down in his own seat and took off his torn shirt.

Then he took another shirt out of the bag and put it on. One glance looked at the night and let out a sigh and looked outside.

The car is moving at a stormy speed. Everything is clear as it is a moonlit night.

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